Yueyue Wenren

Yueyue Wenren (聞人悅閱)

Yueyue Wenren (聞人悅閱 in Chinese) is an award-winning writer with multiple publications in both mainland China and Taiwan.  Her works include novels, short stories,children’s stories and essays.  She was enlisted for the "20 under 40" Chinese Writers by UNITAS literature Magazine(聯合文學) in 2012.  Her novel, 掘金紀 (A Gold Digging Story), was selected as one of the top-ten best Chinese Novels of 2011 by Asia Weekly (亞洲周刊).   Her short story, 舞會,中國城和詹姆士的串聯(The Ball, China Town and James’ Journey), was selected in the literature almanac Best Chinese Short Stories of 2012   by chief editor Wang Meng, a well-known Chinese writer and ex-Minister of Culture in China.  Another short story of hers, 彈琴,唱歌,跳舞 (Playing piano, Singing and Dancing),was included in Best Short Stories Selection 2012  in China.   Yueyue started professional writing since 2002, when her debutant work won the first place of UNITAS New Novelist Prize(聯合文學小說新人獎).  

Yueyue was born in Zhejiang province, China.  She completed her high school education in California and got her B.E. degree at The Copper Union in New York, majoring in electrical engineering.  She later got her Master’s degree in financial engineering at Stern Business School, New York University.  She worked at Accenture (formally known as Andersen Consulting) and Salomon Smith Barney before switching to the career path as a full-time writer.

Her published works include novels A Gilded Age(《太平盛世》),A New York Memo (《黃小艾》),Lieutenant Milk and Private Cat(《小中尉》),A Gold Diging Story(《掘金紀》),collection of short stories A Little Alone(《小寂寞》) and collection of essays New York, New York(《紐約本色》) and A Little Melancholy(《小惆悵》)

She is working on an epic novel at the moment, involving historical events from the late 1920’s in northwestern China, Soviet Union, Mongolia, and US.