Xu Kun

Kun Xu holds a PhD degree in Literature. She is Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the People’s Literature magazine and Deputy Chair of Beijing Writers’ Federation. She is mainly a fiction writer, literary critic, and playwright, with works amounting to more than 5 million Chinese characters published over the years. Her major works include: The Kitchen, God-Damned Football, Good Morning to Beijing, Last Tango on the Square at Mid-Night, Twenty-Two Nights in Spring, and Loving You for Two and a Half Weeks, among others. She won an award at the second edition of Lu Xun Literary Prize for her short story The Kitchen; her novel Wild Grass Roots was rated one of the Top Ten Chinese Books of the Year in 2007 by the Asian Weekly magazine in Hong Kong. Other awards she has won include the Zhuang Zhongwen Literary Prize, Lao She Literary Prize, and over thirty awards by such literary journals as the Fiction Monthly and Chinese Writers magazines. Some of her works have been translated into English, German, French, Russian, Japanese, and Spanish.