Nina Dai Tang HaiYun

HaiYun, Nina Dai Tang, was born and raised in Nanjing, China. She came
to the United States in 1987 to attend university. She earned a BS in
hotel administration from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Later, she
earned an MBA in Finance from the California State University in Hayward. She
worked in a branch of Westin Hotel in Silicon Valley for three years, and
then transferred to the high tech companies of the computer industry as
finance and accounting manager, where she stayed for over twenty years.
Past employers include IBM, Adobe, and Applied Materials, among others.
She began her Chinese writing career in 2006, and many of her novels have
been published both in the US and abroad, earning multiple awards in the
process. Two of her novels are in production to be made into a TV show
and movie, respectively. Her novel, *Bingbao*, has been inducted into the

China National Museum of Modern Literature. She is a member of the Overseas
Women Writers Association and the North American Writers Association. She is
also the chairman of Overseas Window Writers Association and founder of
Overseas Window, a Chinese website for original literature and content.