Hisham Bustani

Hisham Bustani is the author of four collections of short fiction. Renowned for his contemporary themes, style, and language, he experiments at the boundaries of narration and poetry and has been described by al-Ra'i as “bringing a new wave of surrealism to [Arabic] literary culture, which missed the surrealist revolution of the last century.” He is passionate about collaboration across artistic disciplines, and has worked with other artists combining literature with music, painting, contemporary dance, sound-art, visual-art and hip-hop. Bustani was named one of the top six contemporary writers from Jordan by the UK-based webzine The Culture Trip, and his work has been translated into four languages with English-language translations appearing in prestigious journals across the US, UK, and Canada, including World Literature Today, The Common, and The Literary Review. His third short-story collection, The Perception of Meaning, won the 2014 University of Arkansas Arabic Translation Award, and is forthcoming from Syracuse University Press in November 2015.