Fang Fang

     Wang Fang, whose pen name is known as Fang Fang, was born in 1955 in Nanjing, Jiangsu province. She once worked as a stevedore in Wuhan, Hubei Province for four years. She went to Wuhan University in 1978 to study Chinese, and got a bachelor degree in arts. She wrote poems even before her university days, and was awarded the First Prize by Poetry Periodical for her new genre poems. She is a member of the Plenum of China Writers Association, Chairperson of Hubei Provincial Writers Association, and President and Editor-In-Chief of Changjiang Literature and Art. 
     Her Novellas Feng Jing and Qin Duan Kou won the National Outstanding Novella Award, Lu Xun Literature Prize and in 2012 the Outstanding Writer of Chinese Literature Media Awards. Her novels have won numerous prominent awards including the One-Hundred Flowers Award of Xiao Shuo Yue Bao ( Fiction Monthly), Excellent Works Award of Xiao Shuo Xuan Kan (Selected Works in Fiction), Literature Award of Chinese Female Writers, the Excellent Works Award of Zhong Pian Xiao Shuo Xuan Kan (Selected Works in Novellas), Hubei Qu Yuan Prize of Literature. She has published over 90 novels and collections of essays, many of which have been translated into English, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Korean, and Spanish , and published overseas.