Chu Lily

Lily Chu, pen name Jing Ji (荆棘 in Chinese)

Lily grew up in Taiwan and graduated from the National Taiwan University, majoring in Horticulture. She went to the States for her graduate studies and received M. A. degree in Experimental Psychology and Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of New Mexico.  She taught at Lake Superior State University and New Mexico State University for 25 years. She was also a visiting professor at the University of Texas at El Paso and the University of California at Las Angeles. She directed a NIE funded project for Minority and Women in Educational Research. She is the author of English professional two books, 40 research articles and monographs. She has actively participated in grassroots projects in developing countries in Africa and Central America and lived/worked among natives in Swaziland, Namibia, Belize among other countries. She has visited many corners of the world.

Creative writing is her interest rather than avocation. As an undergraduate student in Taiwan, she wrote several Chinese short stories which were published and well received in the literature circle. She went back to creative writing later in her professional career with the encouragement of Taiwanese publishers. Creative writing has since been her passion and self confirmation.

Her creative writing is mainly in Chinese. Her short stories are collected in six published books: The Pumpkin in Thistles, Smiles from Afar, The Bug and Others, Golden Spider Web: Journey through the Wild Africa, and Jing Ji and the Pumpkin. Her recent book, Health in Our Own Hands is about physical and psychological health. Her soon to be published book Wu Man’'s Journey is a biography of the world famous pipa player Wu Man.

She currently serves as the President of San Diego Chinese Writers’ Association, and the Executive Vice President of the Overseas Chinese Women Writers’ Association. She will assume the Presidency of this OCWWA in 2016.