Allan Weiss

Allan Weiss has published about two dozen short stories, both mainstream and fantasy/science fiction, in various journals and anthologies, including two anthologies associated with the short story conference: Bridges (2012) and Unbraiding the Short Story (2014).. His story cycle Living Room appeared in 2001, and a collection of fantasy stories is tentatively scheduled to appear shortly, with the working title of Making the Rounds. He is Associate Professor of English and Humanities at York University in Toronto, Canada, teaching courses in Canadian fiction and fantastic literature. Among his scholarly publications are A Comprehensive Bibliography of English-Canadian Short Stories, 1950-1983 (1988), and articles on various topics in Canadian fiction, including the short story and science fiction and fantasy.  He is Chair of the biennial Academic Conference on Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy, and has edited three volumes of proceedings of the conference, most recently The Canadian Fantastic in Focus: New Perspectives (2014). In 2010, he acted as local organizer for the Eleventh International Conference on the Short Story in English held at York.